Trailer truck curtainside with the image of books by Anastas

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Trailer truck curtainside with image of the books by Anastasia Novykh that change the world for the better.

Dear friends! We express deep gratitude for your support and participation in the realization of this wonderful project. Thanks to unification and friendship of many people, millions of other people will see the primordial knowledge. Unity in Spirit begets unity in the world. Unite and create!


Many people already know how many lives and destinies changed for the better thanks to the books by the author Anastasia Novykh. These are wonderful series of books "Sensei of Shambhala", books "Birds and a Stone", "The Crossing" and the book with the mysterious name "Ezoosmos", and of course, the book of the century "ALLATRA" - an encyclopedia of primordial wisdom. These books bring primordial knowledge to the world. They tell about how to become the a real person, and the most important, reveal all the most urgent questions that concern each of us: What is the spiritual world? What is the material world? Who am I? What is the meaning of life?

Recently, it has become possible for us together with my friends to tell the whole world about these books by placing an advertisement on the curtainside of trailer truck which travels to different countries of the world (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and others). 

The owner of the trailer truck happily agreed with this great idea. Wonderful people have also joined our initiative and selflessly created an interesting layout. As always, a kind initiative was carried out with the help of people who united and wanted to apply their skills for the benefit of all society!

Now we only need to produce the curtainside with the image (it will be produced in Poland). The estimated warranty for the curtainside is 6-8 years. It will be a high quality print with a special covering for durability and longevity.

We are grateful for any help in the realization of this idea! You can provide financial assistance and support the project with your participation or just tell information about this project in social networks, share the news with your friends and acquaintances! Let's bring the good to the world together :)

As it is said in the books by Anastasia Novykh :
« Let the rays of your good go to the world, share with people pure knowledge and many souls will be warmed by their cordiality. And then from your little pure sparkle two sparkles will flare up. And where there are two, there will be the third one. And when there will be a lot of such sparkles, the real flame will flare up. So one person may do a lot of useful and good things! And he even can’t imagine himself how big will be his deed and how precious will be his work before God for the sake of his Soul.»



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